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Mummy Republic

Mummy // One Person. Who does the work of twenty. For Free.  

Republic // A group with a certain equality in it’s members. 

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Dannii and like all of you, I am more than just a Mummy.

Being a parent is an amazing gift and incredibly rewarding. BUT it’s also a struggle. Trying to be a good mother, good partner, good friend, good daughter, good sister, have a career, a social life (for you and your child), complete further study, maintain an exercise routine, beauty routine; actually just a routine in general!

To be strong, be soft, be kind, be brave, be confident, be sexy, be smart, be successful, be relentless, be humble and just be everything to everyone. It’s exhausting and it’s a whirlwind and sometimes we forget that we’re not alone in the madness…so here’s a snapshot of mine and hopefully we can navigate through this together xx



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